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About Us

Welcome to QED Sorter

Before the formation of QED, all the promoters were actively engaged in the Manufacturing and Trading of Electronic ColourSorting Machines in their previous company which had a collaboration with Senvec and Delta Technology Corporation, Texas, USA. Apart from studying the existing markets for Colour Sorting Machines, the promoters were involved in exploring the new markets for the machines in the areas of Non Basamati rice, Pulses, Sunflower seeds, Sesame,tea etc. The opportunities were identified and were abundant. The company has an annual turnover of around Rs. 70 crores and with about 2000 machine installations in India and the SAARC region.

QED is a registered private limited company.

The company has 3 Directors they are:

  • P.J Ashok Kumar
  • N. Badrinath
  • T. Vasu

Profiles of all the above persons have been furnished else where in the Business Plan.


As knowledge based company, QED excels in its innovative product development, which would meet all expectations of the customer and at the same time exceeds the performance of its competitors. QED has technical expertise in-house, which extends from design, development, prototyping, manufacturing and marketing sophisticated and highly technological products to the demanding food processing industry at very competitive prices. Details of knowledge wealth are enumerated elsewhere in this business plan.

QED has its wealth of commercial outlook, which has stood in its ground during its indoctrination/ incubation period and has demonstrated that food processing grain sorters are a big business opportunity.

QED's first generation entrepreneurs have sufficient knowledge of food processing industry and especially grain sorters to make it a highly successful brand corporation. Apart from above, customer confidence in QED is an ever rising factor and is demonstrated on a week by week basis where customers keep calling QED for consultations and further equipment supplies.

QED has demonstrated the technological superiority of their grain sorter QED-Apna in more than 10 locations for varied applications such as coffee, sunflower, sesame, pulses and rice sorting.

As customer list keeps growing, QED is looking at new marketing thrust especially in the international market, which is all set to boom due to the World Trade Organization de-regulations.


By investing for improvement in quality of grains supplied, the grain processors, wholesalers and retailers add value to their products compared to the non-sorted grains. Not only that he gets price compensation, he also gets a satisfaction of supplying less contaminated grains. As far as the consumer is concerned, who is the actual user, he gets value for money that he pays for with clean and non toxic grains with packed identity. There is therefore a chain of value addition.


The promoters of the company who are highly educated and experienced professionals have a vision which sets apart the future outlook and growth of QED. Being a mere leader in food processing industry is not just the vision, but to look for synergized technologies in other areas as well. QED with its knowledge based vision will be a trend setter in its primary area of grain sorting and will also be successful in areas such as remote imaging, remote networking, medical & pathological instruments, telecommunication, optical data processing and curing technologies.

Our Team

Our Team


He is a B.E., from UVCE Bangalore and has an Masters degree specialized in digital electronics from Youngstown State University Ohio USA.


He is a BBM from Mysore University and has an MBA from PSG Technology, Coimbatore and has specialised in Marketing and Finance.


Vasu is a Diploma in Electronic and communication Engineering from Kamaraj District.