Multipurpose Colour Sorter


Core Features


CCD with 2048 pixel line scan High resolution, low distortion free lens 20,000 lines/second scanning speed, High Contrast and sharp image.

Digital Engine

Multi core FPGA, Quick Sort Algorithm for efficient, reliable and accurate sorting.

LED Lighting

UNIFORM,STABLE, AND LONG LASTING, Dissipates less heat camera characteristics are steady Multi core Led (Optional) for multi products sorting.

User Interfaces

State of the art User friendly colour Touch panel PLC for fault diagnosis, Remote Access (optional) for setting and fault diagnosis from central monitoring station using internet.


Universal Chutes which are designed for various products (from poopy seeds to tamarind seeds).Extruded with special coating for excellent singulation and durability.


High Speed accurate ejection, Response time 1m sec with long life. Ejectores life can be extented by service/ Replacing parts.


Model No of Channels Power Air Compressor Dimension in mm
Main 1st R 2nd R
Lexus+ 96 60 24 12 2 KVA 10HP 1504x1580x1820
Lexus+ 144 84 36 24 2 KVA 10HP 1504x1580x1820
Lexus+ 192 120 48 24 3 KVA 15HP 1804x1580x1820
Lexus+ 240 144 60 36 3 KVA 20HP 1804x1580x1820
Lexus+ 288 168 84 36 4 KVA 25HP 2208x1580x1820
Lexus+ 336 192 96 48 5 KVA 30HP 2208x1580x1820
Lexus+ 432 240 132 60 5 KVA 40HP 2208x1580x1820
Lexus+ 576 336 144 96 7.5 KVA 50HP 3962x1580x1820



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