vumax RGB+

A World Class Trichromatic Colour Sorter


Core Features


High resolutions Trichromatic cameras ensure that minute defects and subtle variations in colour are identified and targeted for removal.

Electornaic Engine

This image processing system perceives the images detected by the Trichromatic cameras almost close to human eye.

LED Lighting

The LED Lighting system specially designed allows the trichromatic cameras to view the right rendition of the colour viewed.

User Interfaces

The windows embedded Graphic User Interface assures ease of operation and allows networking to our company servers for remote setting and diagnosis.


The specially coated chutes ensure high flow and proper singulation. The universal Chutes are desinged in such a way that allows multiple products can be stored.


High Speed ejectors gives accurate sorting with a good rejection ratio.The response time is less than 1 mil sec with long life.


World class vibratory systems are installed in the machine which can produce uniform frequency and consistency to get proper singulation.


  • CE,UL Certified components and powersupply units
  • Remote servicing and fault diagnosis.
  • Wide Service network with trained engineers and spares.


Model No of Channels Power Air Compressor Dimension in mm
Main 1st R 2nd R
VUMAX RGB+ 144 84 36 24 2 KVA 15HP 1510x1490x1940
VUMAX RGB+ 168 96 48 24 3 KVA 20HP 1510x1490x1940
VUMAX RGB+ 192 120 48 24 3 KVA 20HP 1810x1490x1940
VUMAX RGB+ 240 144 60 36 3 KVA 20HP 1810x1490x1940
VUMAX RGB+ 288 168 84 36 4 KVA 25HP 2215x1490x1940
VUMAX RGB+ 336 192 96 48 4 KVA 30HP 2215x1490x1940
VUMAX RGB+ 432 240 132 60 5 KVA 40HP 2815x1490x1940



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