India's most reliable LED COLOUR Sorter Machine
accurate, performance, easy to use

Before the formation of Q E D, all the promoters were actively engaged in the Manufacturing and Trading of Electronic ColourSorting Machines in their previous company which had a collaboration with Senvec and Delta Technology Corporation, Texas, USA. Apart from studying the existing markets for Colour Sorting Machines, the promoters were involved in exploring the new markets for the machines in the areas of Non Basamati rice, Pulses, Sunflower seeds, Sesame,tea etc. The opportunities were identified and were abundant. The company has an annual turnover of Rs. 70 crores and with about 2000 machine installations in India and the SAARC region.

Why Choose QED?

  • 100% on time service support
  • Team of Domain Expertise
  • 1.5 acres of fully equipped plant
  • Team of Domain Expertise
  • 1.5 acres of fully equipped plant
  • 1.5 acres of fully equipped plant


The promoters of the company who are highly educated and experienced professionals have a vision which sets apart the future outlook and growth of QED. Being a mere leader in food processing industry is not just the vision, but to look for synergized technologies more

- A Quality Sorter Machine


  • Multicore FPGA
  • Uniform,stable and long lasting
  • Reliable and accurate sorting
  • High contrast and sharp image
  • Life of upto 1billion cycles

Working Video