Helio RGB Belt Sorter

Multipurpose Colour sorter &
ONLINE Reverse sorting facility specially for RICE

Helio RGB Belt Sorter

Core Features


High resolution Trichromatic cameras ensure that minute defects and subtle variations in colour are identified and targeted for removal. The front and rear cameras view the grain / product on both sides to detect single side defects in colour and shade differences.

Electronic Engine

This image processing system perceives the images detected by the Trichromatic cameras almost close to human eye and thereby allowing the user to select the colour to be rejected.

Ejection Systems

High speed ejectors gives accurate sorting with a good rejection ratio. These ejectors are having very long operation cycles.

LED Lighting

The LED lighting system specially designed allows the trichromatic cameras to view the right rendition of the colour viewed. These LED lighting systems are long lasting, reliable and have low heat dissipation.

Uniform material feeding through Roller BELT

The specially made food grade roller belt ensure uniform feeding and proper singulation. These universal belt feeding are specially designed to handle Whole grains, seeds sorting and will result in minimal rejections.


CE certified components and power supplies. Wide service network with trained engineers and spares.


World class vibratory systems are installed in the machine which can produce uniform frequency and consistency to get proper singulation.


(New Version)
Main / 1st R Power Air Compressor Dimension in mm
Helios RGB 48 48 Main 2 KVA 7.5HP / 40CFM / 7.0BAR 1670 x 1750 x 1700
Helios RGB 96 96 Main 3 KVA 10HP / 40CFM / 7.0BAR 1910 x 1750 x 1700
Helios RGB 144 144 Main / 96+48 3 KVA 15HP / 60CFM / 7.0BAR 2240 x 1750 x 1700



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