Avigo Pulses Sorter

Multipurpose Colour sorter &
ONLINE Reverse sorting facility specially for RICE

Avigo Pulses Sorter

Core Features


UHD Trichromatic camera with more than 15000pixel lens with low distortion, edge enhancement with ALC technology provides significantly higher colour accuracy spatial precision and dynamic range for each Colour channel resulting in improved image quality.

Electronic Engine

Image processing system perceives the images detected by the Trichromatic cameras almost close to human eye and thereby allowing the user to select the colour to be rejected.

LED Light

High brightness with Japanese elements with lifetime of over 50000 hours. Special background lighting with automatic selection of colours through panel. An individual colour for rejection can be selected with individual sensitivity.

User Interface

• Modular HMI Display • I O" / 12" industrial grade colour touch screen. • Windows based software • Remote access settings (Optional) • Image capture with high resolution graphic interface • Memory locations — Automatic values including background lighting & selection of LED Colours.


The specially coated chutes ensure high flow and proper singulation. This universal chutes are designed in such a way that allows multiple products can be sorted. Optional thermostat temperature controlled chute heating system to ensure ease of grains flow.


High speed Ejectors gives accurate sorting with a good rejection ratio. The response is faster than 1000 firings 'sec. Ejectors are having log life, Valves life can be extended by servicing/ replacing parts. Italian / German or Q Tech make Ejector valves will be installed in the machine.


World class Vibratory systems are installed in the machine which can produce uniform frequency and consistency to get proper singulation.
>> Automatic controller for hopper feeding (Main sort)


CE,UL certified components and power supply units.
Wide service network with trained engineers and spares


(New Version)
No of Channels Power Air Compressor Dimension in mm
Main 1st R 2nd R
Avigo-Q2-126 63 32 32 3 KVA 10HP /40CFM/7.0BAR 1504 x 1580 x 1820
Avigo-Q3-189 95 63 32 3 KVA 15HP /60CFM/7.0BAR 1804 x 1580 x 1820
Avigo-Q4-252 158 63 32 3 KVA 20HP /80CFM/7.0BAR 1804 x 1580 x 1820
Avigo-Q5-315 189 95 32 4 KVA 25HP /100CFM/7.0BAR 2208 x 1580 x 1820
Avigo-Q6-378 189 126 63 4 KVA 25HP /100CFM/7.0BAR 2808 x 1580 x 1820
Avigo-Q7-441 252 126 63 5 KVA 30HP /120CFM/7.0BAR 2808 x 1580 x 1820
Avigo-Q8-504 315 126 63 6 KVA 40HP /160CFM/7.0BAR 3440 x 1580 x 1820
Avigo-Q9-567 378 126 63 7.5 KVA 40HP /180CFM/7.0BAR 3440 x 1580 x 1820



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